Dillon Ranger District Permits Information





Forest Products Permits

Fuelwood Cutting Permit:

This permit is for gathering dead wood on Forest Service land for personal use. The cost is $10/chord with a two chord minimum and expires at the end of the year. To purchase please contact the Dillon Ranger District Office during normal business hours at 970-468-5400.

You can collect/cut down dead wood on most areas of the district, excluding private property, town/county owned property,ski areas,Wilderness Areas, developed campgrounds, or within 100 feet of any road or trail. For a detailed map, click here: DRD Cutting Map

For more detailed information about the fuelwood cutting permit program, you can view the Fuelwoods FAQ's, click here: DRD Fuelwoods FAQ's

Christmas Tree Cutting Program :

This is an annual program that allows the public to cut down a tree in the White River National Forest to use as a Christmas Tree. The program allows the public to help thin out stands of trees, which promotes overall forest health. Permits are available usually starting in mid-November and expire at the end of the calendar year. Permits are available for purchase online, through local vendors, or through the District Office. For more information including cutting maps, rules, and regulations, click here: Christmas Tree Cutting Infomation.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, fourth and fifth graders can receive a voucher for a free Christmas Tree Permit. For more information click here: Fourth & Fifth Grader Christmas Tree Cutting Infomation.

Mushroom Collecting Permit :

Seasonal mushroom permits are available for free for personal use. Please contact your local Ranger District Office for information.

Fuels ReductionTree Removal :

If you are a property owner wishing to remove hazard trees, hazardous fuels, or create a defensible space on Forest Service land adjacent to your property, please click here: Fuels Reduction Program Infomation.

Special Use Permits :

For more detailed information and how to apply for any of the following types of permits: Commercial and Non-Commercial Recreation Events, Commercial Photography and Filming, and Outfitting and Guiding. Please click here: Special Use Permits Program Infomation.

Passes :

There are two different types of passes offered at the Dillo Ranger District - Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area Day/Season passes (winter only) and interagency passes. For more detailed information click here: Dillon Ranger District Pass Infomation.

Placing Memorials on National Forest Land :

Although the desire to remember a loved one by ericting a mermorial ofr monument is understandable, unfortunately the placement of mermorials or monuments on the Whie River National Forest is prohibited. For more information click here: Placing Memorials on National Forest Land.