Permits are required prior to cutting your tree and valid only in the White River National Forest!

Each year the Dillon Ranger District helps people to enjoy the holiday tradition of cutting down their own Christmas tree. 

Dillon Ranger District Christmas Tree Cutting Permits Available:  November 15 to December 23, 2019.

Cost:  Permits are $10 per tree, with a limit of 5 permits per person.  Permits/trees are for personal use only and cannot be resold.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS GIVEN.

Where To Buy:  In Summit County, permits may be purchased at the Dillon Ranger District office located at 680 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, the Breckenridge Welcome Center, Breckenridge, or Sanders True Value in Silverthorne (cash only). Permits are available via mail (see link below). Permits are valid ONLY in the White River National Forest, no phone orders. For mail orders and cutting maps for other WRNF Ranger Districts please go to the White River National Forest page link below.

For a list of other locations selling Christmas tree cutting permits in the White River National Forest please click HERE.

Dillon Ranger District Christtmas Tree Cutting Areas:( click here.

Click HERE for a .pdf map of the DRD cutting area. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are cutting in an allowable area!

 You may NOT cut Blue Spruce, other species are OK.  

Click HERE for a .pdf copy of the White River National Forest Christmas Tree Cutting Poster.

If you require further assitance you may call the DRD office for info at (970) 468-5400 during normal business hours.




Dress warmly for winter weather.

Leave pets at home or keep them on a leash at all times. 

Handsaws or camp axes are recommended to cut your tree!  Chainsaws are not recommended!

Maximum tree height is 15' tall.  The tree trunk size must be 6" or less in diameter at the base.  Please cut the tree as close to the ground as possible, below any live branches, and the stump should be no higher than 6".

No cutting on private lands outside the National Forest area or within campgrounds!  Persons cutting  or removing trees from the National Forest without a valid permit are subject to a fine of up to $5000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.

DO NOT cut any trees marked with blue or green paint.

Bring tie downs or rope to secure the tree to your vehicle.  Attach a permit to each tree in a visible spot prior to leaving the cutting area.

Please take all your trash home with you. 

PROHIBITED - Unlicensed snowmobiles, ATVs and other off-highway vehicles.

NOTE: The White River National Forest converts the Forest road system from wheeled use to over-snow winter use on November 23rd (roads within the Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area close to wheeled vehicles on November 15th). Motorized users are responsible for knowing when and where they can and can't take a motorized vehicle. Please refer to our Motor Vehicle Use Maps for this information.

Most trails remain open to hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing through the fall and winter. Biking is not currently allowed on forest roads or trails during the winter travel season, which is designated as Nov 23 - May 20





A dry, brittle tree is a tragedy that is waiting to happen.  As soon as you get home, please protect your family by following the information below and enjoy the holiday season!

After returning home, immediately make a fresh cut at the base of the tree trunk.  Try to make a level cut about one inch from the base.  If you need to store your tree, put it in a place away from the wind.  A garage, patio deck or back porch works just fine.  After you've made the fresh cut on the trunk, mix up the ingredients for the fireproofing mixture.

Fill 2 gallon bucket with hot water from the tap to within 1 inch from the top.

2 cups (one pint bottle) of Karo Syrup

2 ounces liquid Chlorine Bleach

2 pinches of Epsom Salts (available at drug store)

1/2 teaspoon Boraxo (from the supermarket)

1 teaspoon Chelated (pronounced key-lated) Iron (available in garden shops)

Let the tree stand in this bucket of ingredients for 24 hours until you are ready to bring the tree inside.  Keep the remaining solution.  Place your tree in a tree stand that contains a well where liquids can be poured.  When you've placed the tree in its final resting place, fill the stand reservoir TWICE-A-DAY with the remaining mixture, every morning and night.  NOW YOUR TREE WILL BE FIREPROOFED!!


Your tree will soak up 800% more water than when the tree was growing in the forest.  The tree will NOT become a fire hazard in your house because it is soaking wet!  No needles will drop and the tree will give off a fragrance like a forest of evergreens. Lastly, if you have an outdoor garden, cut the branches from the tree and then scatter them over the mulch beds, bulb gardens or flower beds.  A thick layer of these is good protection for your plants over the winter.  Take the trunk to a recycling area in your community that shreds the trees into mulch!


The Dillon Ranger District Christmas Tree Program is a Recreation Enhancement Act Project.  The majority of the funds received are used to enhance your experience as well as to help protect and maintain forest resources in the tree cutting area.  Toilet facilities, extra staffing, fire hazard reduction and noxious weed control are a few examples of how Recreation Fee Demonstration funds are being used.  If you have any questions please call the Dillon Ranger District office at 970.468.5400.